Kushagra Gupta

Game Design and Developer

Time is of the Essence (Prototype)

A prototype built based on a top down approach that targets to implement time mechanisms in game play.  This game includes a boss fight where you get to use time stop & time slowing mechanisms. 

A combat based game based on fighter planes where you try to defeat the Boss plane. Boss has a time slowing mechanism which he uses by shooting bubbles on you & if the bubbles hit your moving speed is reduced to half. To contradict the same, You have time stopping mechanism where you can stop time for a limited period & try attacking the Boss plane in that time-frame.

This was a team based project where my part included terrain design & scripting  game-play mechanics. Time is Of the Essence was developed using UNITY 3D, targeted to be played on PCs.

Click the button below for google drive link of the game, due to the restrictions on uploading of rar/zip.