Kushagra Gupta

Game Design and Developer

Running Ball works on the principle of Java Applets.
This game makes use of Threads under which the business Logic of the game runs.
User interaction is only via mouse, keyboard commands does not reflect the proceedings of game.
Two balls(Red & Blue) are initially at their default position which are then moved by double clicking on the applet screen,i.e. starting the game.
These balls will keep on moving throughout the applet at random speed which will be calculated by an instance of Random class.
Player has to keep hitting the balls untill the balls didnt touch the applet boundaries.
As soon as any of the ball hits the boundary a life will be deducted progressing the game further but with one less life now.
This shall continue till the player has lost all the lives.
Scores will be calculated parallely & displayed on the screen. A victory tagline will be displayed after the final life is gone, depending upon which score range has player lost all his lives.
You can now take a look at the game, download the sourcecode and have fun!

Download the zip file from below button & open " Running Ball.html " to start playing.