Kushagra Gupta

Game Design and Developer

This section includes games & other stuff related to games that covers a range of different Game genres present in Game Industry.

Bull Shit

  • Bull Shit is an Endless Runner(temple-run, subway surfer) types game.
  • This is one of my Re-skin project.
  • Initial project was a jungle Environment where you play as a thief & a Police is following you.
  • I changed this to the theme of Spanish festival " Running of The Bull" with 3D models added to give a city-like feel.
  • Initial game & the Re-skin is powered by Unity.
  • Play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BA.BullRunner&hl=en

         Original Game image.

Traps !!

  • Traps is a 2.5D Level-based Trap game.
  • This project is to be developed using Direct X.
  • A Unity Prototype completed to get the idea on how to proceed with Direct X.
  • Basic Game Play of Traps is, you have been trapped in a room & to get out of that you have to find more traps in that same room using some inventory available with you.
  • As seen in the figures above, moving clockwise, you start in a room with nothing around you. But beware, there might be some traps awaiting to welcome you.
  • To get rid of that you have Lazer shades in your inventory, using which you can find out any traps that is on the floor, as seen in next two figures, where as the lazer beam falls on o trappy surface the surface color changes to blue.
  • The last figure signifies the consequence of falling in a trap. As seen in figure, you go one level below where you may have to face some more dangerous challenges.

                         Game Play Developed in Direct X

                              Game Play developed in Unity

The Illusion

  • The Illusion is a 3rd Person stealth action game with strategic elements. 
  • Aimed at fans of Games such as Payday & Hitman, but with minimal violence.
  • The Illusion was a Design Document presentation project that was meant to be focused only on  theoretical aspects.
  • Often, there is a perception of  "What's the use of theory in gaming ". This project just answers that in every possible way.
  • Apart from Development, we went through all the stages that a commercial game does go through.
  • This was a six member team based project that resulted in a 50 page document covering every other aspect to get started with development.
  • Click the button below to have a look !!


  • Jumbalika, is a digital version of paper based jumbled letter game, where the letters of a word are jumbled & you have to identify the correct word.
  • This is a Peer to Peer game that uses TCP Socket connection.
  • Basic game play of the game is two players playing simultaneously on different machines, where in the Game the jumbled word appears on top of the window.
  • You get three chances to identify the word. No time limit is imposed but you'll have to make sure that you answer before your opponent.
  • Also, with the three chances that you have got, you can make a small another word from the letters of the Jumbled word so as to be in a leading position without knowing the actual word.
  • Jumbalika, was written in C# using .NET 4.5 framework.
  • The code uses TCP protocol for sending & receiving packets over the network.