Kushagra Gupta

Game Design and Developer

Pepsi IPL 2013 Fantasy League

So what it is that this game is all about


First.. Predictions.. For every Week, each participant will make predictions as to who will win the games. This has to be updated by individuals once every week for each week. This detail is to be filled in the Fixtures Sheet against your respective name. Please note the drop down facility has been included for the ease of use..


For the group stages, if u guess the winning team correctly, u get 10 points. For a wrong guess, there is a 5 point penalty. For the Semifinals and Playoff, its 50 points for a correct guess and 25 point penalty for a wrong one.

For the finals, its 100 and -50.. Simple enough ok???


Next up, in the Calculator Sheet , use the button titled “Team Selector” to choose your team for the week.


Rules for selecting the players are again simple enough..


You must select only 2 players from one team. A minimum of one Indian Player is mandatory from every team.


Once this is done, sheet shall be updated by each participant & sent to host.


Please refer to the Rules Sheet to understand the scoring process for Batsmen, Bowlers and Fielders..


From your 16 players, you can choose one player(Indian or Foreign) to be your captain. His points for the week will be doubled.


A head to head tournament is in place. This is similar to the Fantasy Premier League head-2-head battles.. Please refer to the Head-2-Head Sheet for the fixtures and results..


So what exactly you need to do every Wednesday


1>    Fill in the Predictions for the week in the Fixtures Sheet.

2>   Using the macro “Team Selector” from the Calculator sheet, select your 18 players for the week.

3>   Please make sure, you send your predictions and team for the week to the host alone before 2 PM IST every Wednesday. 

Click on the below button to start exploring this sheet being played amongst my colleagues.