Kushagra Gupta

Game Design and Developer

Protoypes :

Celestial Ladder

Celestial Ladder is based around Japanese mythology where you play as the Japanese moon god(Tsukuyomi) who has to get to the moon by climbing the celestial ladder. He is called to action by his father (Izanagi) who is heard as a booming, unclear voice from the sky. The gameplay revolves around mountain ranges where Tsukuyomi has to reach as high as possible in order to climb celestial ladder, which is located at the top of the tallest mountain on Earth.

Beneath The surface

Beneath the Surface is a touch-based game inspired by the concept of assisting patients with serious injuries of the arm, shoulder and wrist in the rehabilitative process. It attempts to accomplish this goal in two ways. Firstly It is designed to alleviate the tedium that many patients may experience while completing the repetitive aspects of their physical therapy through its interactive mechanics. Secondly, these mechanics employ a series or assigned gestures to help to exercise the the arm in multiple directions.

Time is of the Essence

A prototype built based on a top down approach that targets to implement time mechanisms in game play.  This game includes a boss fight where you get to use time stop & time slowing mechanisms. A combat based game based on fighter planes where you try to defeat the Boss plane. Boss has a time slowing mechanism which he uses by shooting bubbles on you & if the bubbles hit your moving speed is reduced to half. To contradict the same, You have time stopping mechanism where you can stop time for a limited period & try attacking the Boss plane in that time-frame.

Fully Developed Games :

Pepsi IPL 2013 Fantasy League Game

  • A Fantasy League game designed to play amongst colleagues in parallel to domestic Cricket game played in India, IPL 2013.
  • Majority of the game is developed on Excel with VB scripts added to generate GUIs.
  • A total of 8 Participant are required to play.(Count can be increased/decreased by minor changes in code)
  • Each participant has to select 2 players from each team amongst the 9 playing teams.
  • A host is required to keep track of all changes done by each participant & update weekly scores.
  • Scores are updated with respect to how a Player performs in the game(IPL 2013).
  • Participant with maximum points towards the end of the Season wins the game.
  • Click on the button below for demo & more details.

Running Ball

In this game, the player has to shoot at two balls, (a red and a blue one), which are flying around in our applet. The direction and speed will be chosen at random; the user can hit a ball by clicking on it with the mouse pointer. If a ball reaches a border of the applet without being hit, the player looses one of his 10 lives. If the player loses all of his lives, the game is over.

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