Kushagra Gupta

Game Design and Developer

Celestial Ladder(Prototype)

Celestial Ladder is based around Japanese mythology where you play as the Japanese moon god(Tsukuyomi) who has to get to the moon by climbing the celestial ladder. He is called to action by his father (Izanagi) who is heard as a booming, unclear voice from the sky. The gameplay revolves around mountain ranges where Tsukuyomi has to reach as high as possible in order to climb celestial ladder, which is located at the top of the tallest mountain on Earth..

Tools & Functions used :-

Unity 3D

C# scripting

AI during certain game play moments

Blender for 3D Model creation

Target System : PC

Target Audience : Any Age Group

Basic Gameplay :

Click the button below for Google drive link for the game, due to the restrictions of uploading zip or a rar.